No need to lose yourself in technicalities

Here are the three things you need to set up your website


Fundamentally, there are three basic requirements that need to be fulfilled in order to get your website up and running...

1) Registering your Domain Name

Like a car's registration number plate, you'll need to register a unique domain name (the www address) so that your site can be accessed. The price for a domain name will vary depending on whether it ends in .com or or something else (typically a will cost just under £10 for 2 years and a .com domain will cost just over £10 for 1 year).

2) Building the Website

A web designer will design the graphical layout of your site, a web developer will program and construct the site using valid code, and a copy writer will create the text content for the site. Together they'll build the actual pages that you'll see. Depending on your requirements and the size of the project these could all be performed by the same person or worked on by three seperate teams.

3) Hosting the Files

All those files need to be stored on a server somewhere, and that server has to be operating 24/7 under secure conditions. As web-hosting is an ongoing process there is a recurring charge, this varies depending on the size of your site. Typically a small site will cost as little as £3.50 per month to host  (£42 per year).


We can help you with the domain registration, the web build and the web hosting. For further information feel free to contact us for a chat.