Registering & Hosting your Website & Emails

Email Management & Web Hosting in Hitchin, Hertfordshire


All websites require a webhost and we'll make sure we understand your requirements before advising on the best web hosting package for you. After all, why pay for more than you need?


The Technical Bits


Our Linux web-servers are located in London and are maintained day and night by Cisco certified engineers with exceptional response times. High Efficiency (HE) Quad Core CPUs are used to deliver high performance whilst conserving energy. Cisco Hot-Standby Routing Protocol (HSRP) are utilised at all network levels so maintenance can be performed transparently and failures routed around without site downtime. 


Regular Backups


Your peace of mind is assured as twice-daily backups are performed and a 30 day rollback is available to restore your site to the exact state it was in on a particular day. Why risk the chance of losing files or getting hacked when you could lie safe in the knowledge that it is in safe hands?


Performance Hosting


The hosting we offer is specifically tailored to the type of web-sites we build. This means we place a priority on database connections and loading times.