Don't let your site be compromised by Hackers

Site Security & Backups


Keeping your site secure and backed up is something we take very seriously. Why risk the chance of losing files or getting hacked when you could lie safe in the knowledge that it is in safe hands.


Up to date security


We ensure that all scripting languages and web installations are completely up to date and that the server environment has all the relevant security patches and isn't running on any "end of life" software or outdated programs that could easily be compromised.


Automated Backups


All of our hosting solutions include automated twice daily backups on a 30 day rotation. So if anything happens to your site we can "roll it back" to the state it was in before the incident. We can also offer training if you would prefer to manually backup the site yourself (to download to your desktop).


Accidental Deletion


But the number one reason for restoring a backed up site isn't due to Russian hackers or rogue spyware, it's much closer to home. As many of our websites are CMS based we are often contacted by clients who have accidentaly overwritten some valuable text or deleted a file they didn't mean to. As we backup all out sites all the time, simple mistakes like this are easy to rectify.