Earn Money from your Online Success

Online Advertising for Hitchin Businesses


If your website is enjoying a high rate of traffic then why not benefit from this financially? Displaying advertising links to other companies within your site is a proven successful practice and there are three main ways to achieve this: Using Google's Adsense service, using affiliate schemes and by using a banner management tool to sell advertising space yourself.


Google Adsense


Google's Adsense service populates an area of your site with text or image advertisements. The adverts are all pulled from Google's Adword campaigns and are designed to match the content of your site as best as possible. The amount you earn is determined by the click-through rate and impressions those adverts achieve. The main attraction of Adsense is the ease in which it can be set up, with no need to hunt for advertising clients yourself.


Affiliate Advertising


Some bigger websites such as Amazon.com and Play.com offer affiliate advertising schemes, allowing you to display specific links about specific products that, if clicked-through and purchased, rewards you with a small percentage. The amount you earn differs per scheme but the attraction lies in the fact that the product links could be viewed as relevant useful links to your website visitors.


Selling Banner Advertising Space


If you would rather maintain full control over which adverts are displayed then using a banner management tool (built into the content management system) will enable you to approach companies with a direct offer of your choosing. The size of the adverts, the duration of display, and the price you charge can be determined by yourself. Banner management tools keep count of the advert impressions (the number of times the advert is displayed) and the number of click-throughs to the client's site. This data can then be passed on to the client to be compared to their own internal analytics.