Networking to gain Word of Mouth

Social Media & Extending your Reach


Google maybe the world's most visited website but Facebook is closing in and people spend more time on social networking sites than they do on search engines. If your company is the kind that can benefit from referals then it makes sense to join Facebook, TwitterYouTube and the like to win friends and potential clients.


Are you Shareable?


Even if you can't tell your hastags from your retweets, you can still benefit from social media's word of mouth by making your webpages "shareable". This allows users of LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest (and many others) to easily "share" your web pages with their friends. All without you having to set up or maintain any social network accounts.


Web Marketing benefits from Social Networks


Wanting to share your web-pages with friends and people you are linked with is a good indication that your content is relevant and could be of value to others.  These social signals are now a part of Google and Bing’s organic search algorithms and therefore can provide you with opportunities to boost your SEO with Tweets, Likes, Endorsements, +1's, Channels and Pins.