Web Marketing benefits for Facebook

Facebook for Hitchin Businesses


The main attraction of Facebook is its huge popularity: not only is it the second most visited website (after Google), but people spend more time on Facebook than they do on search engines. It could also be argued that a recommendation from a Facebook friend is more effective than a search result on Google.


Like it Hitchin!

If somebody "likes" your webpage, it is shared on their timeline which can be seen by their friends and family as a personal endorsement. Facebook uses something called Open Graph metadata to determine how your website link will appear when shared by others. The title, description, URL and thumbnail image can all be specified on your webpage and are then indexed when a user shares it. If you don't include Open Graph metadata on your site then the description is "guessed" and the thumbnail image is presented as a selection for the user to choose. But why let others decide how your web pages should look?


Your Business Profile on Facebook


Facebook is an ideal platform for customer engagement. Encouraging people to leave comments on your profile page shows that you are easy to communicate with and open to suggestion. It can also be an effective micro-blog, keeping your followers up to date with your latest business news and thoughts. However Facebook pages can rank highly in Google search results on their own terms, therefore you may find yourself in competition with your own profile page.


Top Facebook Tips


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