Web Marketing benefits of Google+

Google+ for Hitchin Businesses


Although Facebook and Twitter are essential to social marketing campaigns, they both restrict search eninges from accessing much of their data (limiting their SEO effectiveness). Google+ is the social network built by Google, so it's therefore unsurprising that anything that happens within Google+ circles can be linked to their search engine results.


Plus one it Hitchin!


Have you ever compared search results when you are logged into Google and logged out? If someone is logged into a Google account, their search results will adapt to their specific preferences. Therefore for someone who is following your website on Google+ or has +1'd you, your pages will rank higher in the search results for that user (but only for that user).


Instant Indexation


If you post a link on your Facebook profile or Tweet a link on Twitter, it is subjected to the "nofollow" rule, meaning Google will not value your linked page any higher than usual. The same is not true with Google+ though. Not only does it follow each link but Google will even index the page much quicker than usual. So a quick way to submit a new URL to Google is to Google+ it.


Top Google+ Tips


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