Web Marketing benefits of LinkedIn

LinkedIn for Hitchin Businesses


Linkedin has the most professional reputation of the major social networks. If you are a member then your profile on LinkedIn has more than a strong similarity to a CV. There are things you would share on Facebook that you wouldn't dream of sharing on LinkedIn (and the same applies vice versa unless you're happy to alienate your friends with work-speak).


Endorse it Hitchin!

An endorsement on LinkedIn is vote of confidence and a recommendation is no less than a personal reference for all to see. The benefits of this are obvious, the more endorsements and recommendations you receive the more trustworthy and employable you appear. Whereas Facebook & Twitter are used to self-promote, LinkedIn is all about connections: the more people you connect to, the more visible you are on the network.


Sharing via LinkedIn


LinkedIn uses the same metadata as Facebook (Open Graph metadata) to determine how your website link will appear when shared by others. The title, description, URL and thumbnail image can all be specified on your webpage and are then indexed when a user shares it. If you don't include Open Graph metada on your site then the description is "guessed" and the thumbnail image is presented as a selection for the user to decide. But why let others choose how your web pages should look?


Top LinkedIn Tips


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