Web Marketing benefits of Pinterest

Pinterest for Hitchin Businesses


Pinterest is a social networking site that focusses solely on sharing images. Your business is more likely to benefit from Pinterest if you rely on strong visuals to sell your products or services. By creating a Pinterest profile page you are free to share whatever images and captions you choose, allowing other users to view the content and “pin” things they like to their own profiles where even more people will see it.


Pin it Hitchin!


All Pinterest pages are crawled and indexed by Google so taking the time to optimize the comments, tags and image filenames with important keyword phrases will help improve your SEO. The images themselves are not stored on the Pinterest site but the links to the images are, meaning exposure on Pinterest can help your images travel up the Google Image search results enabling new ways for your website to be found.


I like your Pins!


At the end of the day Pinterest is still a networking tool like Twitter or Facebook. Users can follow specific accounts and be alerted whenever that account adds new content. The more you engage with others by liking and commenting on their pins, the more followers you'll gain and the further your content will spread, increasing the SEO of the linked page.


Top Pinterest Tips


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